Geoff Mackley has close call on Mt Etna-0

Geoff Mackley has close call on Mt Etna-0

This is the transcript and charcters for Visting Mt. Etna.


The setting begin on a snowy volcano valley of Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy. Anna, 2 Leos, Geoff Mackley, and friends on the trail and next to the safety sign.

Anna: Alright, we're closed to the crater of Mt. Etna after we see the safety sign.

Leo 1: Yes.

Leo 2: I agree.

Lion Teddy: I agree too.

Leo (Red Earth): So am I.

Geoff Mackley: That's correct.

Myself: Same.

Others friends: Yeah.

Myself: We still got several minutes to walk to the crater but we must not get too close to the active crater and also wear hard hats and gas mask for protection.

All: Okay.

After wearing hard hats and gas masks that provided from the small town, they begin walk towards to the crater.

Geoff Mackley: Alright, we're closed to the crater and we know which area is the safe distance from the crater.

After found the safetest distance from the crater, they begin recording videos, take photos, and study about Mt. Etna after Mt. Etna had erupted. Spewing lava and ash.

Myself: The lava or magma viscosity of Mt. Etna is thick and sticky, almost similar with Indonesian volcanoes and New Zealand volcanoes among with the volcanoes of the Ring of Fire. Hawaiian lava flows were thin and runny and sometimes thick. (Pointing to the crater).

Anna and Geoff Mackley: Yes, you're right.

Ryder and the pups: Wow.

Everest: What a spectacular eruption.

Jake: Yes, you're right. Let me take a photo of you.

Everest: Okay.

Simba: Cool.

Alex: Yeah.

Laval: Very cool.

Kimba: Awesome.

The Little Einsteins: So incridible.

Bambi and Faline: Wow.

Red (Angry Birds): Spectacular!

Myself: Okay, I think we spent a lot time here and we're ready to leave for lunch. How's the expirience of Mt. Etna.

Anna: Great.

Geoff Mackley: Awesome.

All: Totally cool.

Myself: Alright, here we go back to the town.

By using cable cars to go back and then heading to a restaurant for lunch and ordered pizza and spaghetti and the drinks were tea and water. While eating, I begin to show a YouTube video and image of a car engulfed by lava in Hawaii and also discuss about earthquakes and volcanoes.

Myself: This is an incridible footage of Hawaiian lava flow engulfed a car and a mailbox since 2 months ago. The lava is thick. It's a little bit terrifiying. Almost similar happened with the Gopro at 2013 or 2014 by thin and runny lava directly engulf the Gopro but survived.

Anna, 2 Leos, Lion Teddy, and Geoff Mackley: I see.

All: So do us. So terrifiying. Almost similar.

Myself: And now I'm going discuss about earthquakes and volcanoes. Earthquakes is a movent and shaking of the earth surface cause by seismic waves created from faults that realeases energy and volcanoes is a fissure or mountain that spews out lava and ash.

All: Okay.

Myself: And that's all I have to said. How's the expireince?

Anna: Intersting and a little bit dangerous but know about safety.

All: So do us.


1. Anna the Orangutan

2. 2 Leos

3. Lion Teddy

4. Myself

5. Geoff Mackley

6. Leo (Red Earth)

7. The Little Einsteins

8. PAW Patrol

9. Group of Pride

10. Bambi and Faline

11. Red (Angry Birds)

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