Taman Safari is an animal theme park in Indonesia. Taman Safari 1 located in Bogor, Taman Safari 2 located in Prigen, and Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar, Bali. I really like Taman Safari, Taman Safari 2, and Bali Safari and Marine Park


Anna, 2 Leos, myself, and other friends having a visit to Taman Safari 2. In Taman Safari 2, myself and they begin to take photographs and study about animals. After visiting, myself and they begin support conservation by donating orangutans among with other endangered animals in the zoo and other zoos and in the wild. And them begin visitng Taman Safari 1 and Bali Safari and Marine park and do the same with Taman Safari 2.


1. Anna

2. 2 Leos

3. Lion Teddy

4. Myself

5. Bayusekti the Knight (Knight Kris)

6. Leo (Red Earth)

7. Group of Pride

8. The Wolf Pack

9. The Little Einsteins

10. Animal Jam characters

11. Elena, Migs, Luna, and Skylar

12. Red, Chuck, and Bomb (Angry Birds Movie)

13. Donkey Kong

14. Diddy Kong

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