Geoff Mackley has close call on Mt Etna

Geoff Mackley has close call on Mt Etna

This is my Wiki which tells about Mt. Etna and also the plot.

Information of Mt. EtnaEdit

Mt. Etna is an active stratovolcano in Sicily, Italy. It was Europe's tallest and the most active volcano. The eruption were classified as Hawaiian eruption and Strombolian eruption because the eruption of Mt. Etna is explosive and calm.


Anna, 2 Leos and friends visiting Mt. Etna with Geoff Mackley in Sicily, Italy. After arrived at Mt. Etna, they saw a spectacular eruption of Mt. Etna and begin to take a video and take a photo of the eruption and so does study about Mt. Etna. After that, they begin have lunch. They ate pizza and spaghetti and also talking each other volcanoes and earthquakes and also saw a incredible footage of Hawaiian lava flow engulfs a car and a mailbox on YouTube and Google Images. They have an interesting day and a little bit dangerous but know about safety when visiting Mt. Etna.

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