This the page about an extinct species and also cloning which is interest to me and Anna, 2 Leos, and Friends.

Information of Tasmanian TigerEdit

Tasmanian tiger or thylacine is an extinct marsupial from Tasmania, Australia. In 1999, the cloning project begin at Australian Museum in Sydney.


Anna, 2 Leos, myslef, and PAW Patrol and Godzilla visit the Australian Museum in Sydney, Austrlia, and met Professor Mike Archer, the director of Australian Museum. Anna, myslef, and friends begin see the Tasmanian tiger video and also cloning process. Anna, myslef, and friends like the thylacine and wanted to support and also supporting conservation for endangered species.


1. Anna

2. 2 Leos

3. Myself

4. PAW Patrol

5. Godzilla

6. Professor Mike Archer