This is my first time creating my Wiki by using my idea and imagination with my orang-utan plush named Anna and 2 lion plush both named Leo and also my favourite characters whether from movies, TVs, YouTube, and games, especially Animal Jam and Animal Jam Play Wild!. This page I will introduce myself and the characters.


  1. Myself
  2. Anna the Orangutan
  3. Leo the Lion
  4. Lion Teddy
  5. Jumping GentleTiger (from Animal Jam as created character)
  6. Small SportySeal (Animal Jam)
  7. Timid DashRhino (Animal Jam)
  8. Rushing Modern Wolf (Animal Jam Play Wild!)
  9. Hopeful Fast Rabbit (Animal Jam Play Wild!)
  10. Helpful Daring Monkey (Animal Jam Play Wild!)
  11. Handsome Arctic Wolf (Animal Jam Play Wild!)
  12. The Alphas of Animal Jam (Liza, Graham, Cosmo, Greely, Peck, Sir Gilbert, and Tavie)
  13. The Little Einsteins (Leo, June, Anne, Quincy, Rocket)
  14. Leo (Red Earth and also join the Group of Pride)
  15. Bayusekti The Knight (Knight Kris)
  16. Blaze, AJ, Stripes, Starla, Darington, Gaby, Zeg, Crusher, and Pickle (Blaze and The Monster Machines)
  17. Patchi, Juniper, and Alex (Walking with Dinosaurs 2013)
  18. Swampy, Allie, and Cranky
  19. ASIMO
  20. The Family Fun Pack
  21. Geoff Mackley
  22. Arzan Farooq / Black Rhino Ranger
  23. Bill Nye
  24. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  25. Others characters from PAW Patrol, Group of Pride (Members: Simba, Alex, Laval, and Kimba the White Lion), The Wolf Pack (Humphery, Kate, and Werewolf from Werewolf the Last Warriror), Bambi, Godzilla, Cars, Mickey Mouse Universe, Angry Birds, Pink Panther, and Elena of Avalor.


Helping supporting conservation, giving facts about science such as biology, playing Wii especially Wii Sport and Wii Party, and having a cool adventure like visiting Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy with Geoff Mackley and visiting zoos.

Favorite Wikis:

PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki which had the relationship with Godzilla. I really like that Wiki. Also Disney Wiki especially The Lion King and Elena of Avalor.