This page is using my imagination and first time that Donkey Kong appears in this page.


Anna, 2 Leos, Myself, Lion Teddy, Jumping Gentletiger, Small Sportyseal, and Timid Dashrhio begin visit Donkey Kong Country and meet Donkey Kong. We also meet Diddy Kong and Rambi the Rhinoceros. We become friends with them and supporting conservation for gorillas, orang-utans, tigers, seals, lions,and rhinoceros and also visit Indonesia to meet other friends too. After that, taking photos and Donkey Kong and his friend begin to go back home.


1. Anna

2. 2 Leos

3. Myself

4. Lion Teddy

5. Jumping Gentletiger

6. Small Sportyseal

7. Timid Dashrhino

8. Donkey Kong

9. Diddy Kong

10. Rambi the Rhinoceros