This page is about Anna, 2 Leos, and friends begin meet Mike Roark from the movie Volcano and Larry Daley from Night at the Museum. I really both of these movies.


Anna, 2 Leos, myself, and friends begin visiting Los Angeles, California and rent a car and meet Mike Roark, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) director, with his daughter, Kelly Roark, and his friends Emmit Reese and Dr. Amy Barnes, a geologist from California Institute of Geological Science and begin visiting Los Angeles and begin sleep at Mike's house until 5 at the morning, an earthquake strikes, waking all the characters. They went to Wilshire Boulevard and saw steam shooting up from the drain and a volcano formed and erupted at the La Brea Tar Pits.

Mike Roark begin to call the fire departement, police, ambulance, and construction workers to carry concrete barriers while Anna, 2 Leos, myself, and friends helping by rescuing injured people and pushed away cars and other abandoned vehicles from the lava while the concrete barriers is still on the way and also water bombing helicopters. Once the concrete barriers arrived, they begin stack it and block around the lava while the helicopters arrived and put out the lava. At six, the lava had put out.

After that, myself and they begin visiting Disneyland Anaheim and finally go to New York City to meet Larry Daley with his son Nicky among with the museum articfacts that comes to live at evening.


1. Anna the Orangutan

2. 2 Leos

3. Mario

4. Luigi

5. Princess Peach

6. Princess Daisy

7. Toad

8. Yoshi

9. Wario

10. Waluigi

11. Bowser

12. Rosalina

13. Koopa Troopa

14. Paratroopa

15. Bowser Jr.

16. The Koopalings

17. Myself

18. Anubis

19. Donkey Kong

20. Diddy Kong

21. The PAW Patrol

22. Godzilla

23. Blaze

24. AJ

25. Stripes

26. Patchi

27. Juniper

28. Alex

29. Scowler

30. Jumping Gentletiger

31. Small Sportyseal

32. Timid Dashrhino

33. Handsome Arcticwolf

34. Rushing Modernwolf

35. Hopeful Fastrabbit

36. Helpful Daringmonkey

37. The Group of Pride

38. Red (Angry Birds Movie)

39. Bambi

40. Faline

41. Michael 'Mike' Roark

42. Kelly Roark

43. Emmit Reese

44. Dr. Amy Barnes

45. Larry Daley

46. Nick Daley

47. Museum Articfacts

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