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Anna and 2 Leos met the PAW Patrol at the mall in front of the supermarket and talking each other and doing activities in the mall like go to the bookshop and buy Tomicas and Legos at the toy store. And also meet Blaze and AJ and friends, Patchi, Juniper, Alex, and Elena, Migs, Luna, Skylar, Zoom, Estrella, and Mingo.


1. Anna

2. 2 Leos

3. Chase

4. Marshall

5. Rubble

6. Zuma

7. Rocky

8. Skye

9. Ryder

10. Everest

11. Jake

12. Elena

13. Migs

14. Luna

13. Skylar

14. Zoom

15. Estrella

16. Mingo

17. Patchi

18. Juniper

19. Alex

20. Blaze

21. AJ

22. Zeg

23. Stripes


The setting begins at Galaxy Mall when Anna and 2 Leos met the PAW Patrol in front of Ranch Market after Anna and 2 Leos bought some groceries.

Anna and 2 Leos: Hi.

Ryder: Hi.

Anna: Nice to meet you.

Chase: Nice to meet you too.

Marshall: So, what we're going to do right now.

Anna: Well, we're going to Periplus Bookstore, Ace Hardware, and Toys City.

All: Okay.

They went to the Periplus Bookstore and bought a National Geographic Magazine and Reader's Digest Magazine ( both of these are my favorite magazine), went to Ace Hardware and bought a skateboard and racks for bathroom, and finally went to Toys City and bought Tomicas and Legos.

After that, they met their friends at the food court.

Blaze: Hi, there.

Anna: Hi, Blaze.

AJ: Hi, Anna and 2 Leos.

2 Leos: Also hi to the rest.

All: Hi.

Zeg: Zeg, Patchi, Juniper, and Alex waiting for pizza.

Anna: That's great.

Patchi: I like pizza.

Juniper: Me too.

Alex: So am I.

Stripes: Nice to meet you.

All: Let's have a pizza lunch.

While ordering pizza, they met Elena and the Jaquins.

Anna: Hello, Elena.

Elena: Hello, there

Mingo: You must be Anna, right?

Anna: Right.

Mingo: Nice to meet you

Zoom and Estrella: Nice to meet you Anna.

Anna: Nice to meet you.

Migs: I think we were hungry, do you wanted some pizza?

Luna: Yes, please.

Skylar: Me too.

Information of Galaxy MallEdit

Galaxy Mall is a one of the shopping mall in Surabaya, Indonesia.